Monday, May 22, 2017

Week 55 (Max's football number Jr. year)

Mommy & All,

"Its easy to dream a dream, but its harder to live it."-Wale

This week was interesting. Up until Thursday all we did was pack and get our stuff ready to go to Perito. Friday morning we took and hauled all our stuff to the house in Perito and see how it was. The very first time we gotta see the inside of the house was when we moved in because the guy who owns it wouldn't give us the key till he had all his money. On the bus ride out there Friday morning, the police stopped the bus like they normally do and checked everyone's ID's. Of course I was the only one on the bus who didn't have Argentine ID. So they stopped the bus for about 20 min asking me all these questions and I almost had to go to jail for a sec but they ended up letting me go after looking through all my stuff. So the next thing on my checklist is getting them to send me my ID card which they just barely finished but its in Comodoro.

 So when we got to the house it was interesting. It wasn't as big as we'd hoped because we needed a place that had a big enough kitchen so we could do our church meetings there so we will see what happens with that. The bathroom experience here was a fun one. So the very first time we used the toilet it got clogged so the very first thing we bought for the house was a plunger. But every time after that the toilet got clogged so something was wrong. That was proved to us Saturday morning when my comp went to go take the first shower. So the water from the toilet and shower run to the same spot and we could hear it go down but it made a funny sound. So a few minutes after my comp started his shower I heard a scream from the bathroom. Apparently while he was showering, EVERYTHING that we'd flushed down the toilet came up through the shower drain hahaha and the drain for this shower is about the size of a medium squared floor tile, so for the shower its big which makes that experience even worse but funnier haha. Anyways that's when we knew it wasn't actually the toilet, but everything under the floor that was clogged up and never got cleaned out. So Hermano Naiman came over yesterday with a hook to see what he could find. He ended up fishing out half a rug that someone had flushed down the toilet and about enough hair to make a basketball. So after clearing that little blockage, our bathroom was at least functioning up till this morning so I'm not sure what we are going to do. We are still waiting on a fridge, washing machine, and microwave so hopefully that will get here sometime this week. 

Saturday we got to talk to Gisel again. We were able to talk a lot about marriage because that is the only thing she needs and then she can get baptized. We told her about all the blessings she will receive by getting married and baptized. We said that marriage isn't just for baptism in her case, but its for her family and life in general. We were able to testify of how she will be able to have a better relationship with Julian not just through marriage but having the gospel and that spirit in her home as well. I was able to testify through the example that my parents have shown me. We work with and meet a lot of people who aren't and don't wanna get married but wanna get baptized and it seems that the main fear and reason they don't wanna get married is the "what happens if we fight" factor. A lot of them fight with their boyfriend or girlfriend often and the very first thought they have is breaking up and getting separated. In almost every case the only reason they stay together is for the kids, not for each other. We talked with Gisel about how every relationship and marriage is going to have fights and disagreements. The only difference is when you are married your first thought isn't to split up but try and work it out. Also that when you have the Gospel to hold it together your marriage and the spirit that comes with that, its a lot easier to forgive that is the key. So we had a good lesson  talking about that. Only problem is that her boyfriend Julian just barley left and headed up north to go through a police course for a month so it will be a sec before they can talk about that together.

Much Love,

Elder Christensen

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