Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Week 64

Mommy & All,

" Even if there's no one in it, a house is a house. But it becomes a home, when you fill it with people you care about." -Marty Schottenheimer

This week was good. Not that much happened. We got to visit Miguel a couple of times and found out that he loves watching church videos like Mormon Messages and stuff. So we went over to his house one night and ate dinner with him. We watched probably 20 different videos and he loved them. Miguel isn't a very social guy outside of us and 4 friends. We keep inviting him to church and he keep bailing on us at the last second and he finally told us its just because he'd feel uncomfortable being around a lot of people in general. That he really likes just sitting in his house by himself and with his own thoughts. But he likes it when we come over and invites us all the time. He told us that he is going to get baptized, he just doesn't know when. He feels that its really important, he is reading the Book of Mormon and listening to us and he is even praying. He says that his faith grows little by little every time we talk. That he gets converted a little more every time. He told us that maybe we feel like we are wasting time with him since he hasn't come to church yet, but that he really appreciates us coming over all the time and sharing things with him and that one day he will get to church and get baptized. So we just have to keep him progressing.

This week we were able to teach Diana again and we went over the Restoration and the importance of the Book of Mormon. We invited her to read and really pray about it and we were able to put a baptismal date with her which was good. She was gonna come to church with us but something happened last minute and she didn't make it. But we hope to be able to reach that goal we have for her. 

Saturday Elder Jensen and I went on divisions and that was great. It was just like spending time with one of your best buddies. Since I've hit Argentina, there've been times where I've really struggled with some stuff and Jensen has helped me through it all. Don't know where I'd be without the guy. The dude is a legend down here in the mission and has had tons of success in a place where it doesn't happen all that often. He's of course shown me how to do missionary work and what you need to be successful at it, but most of all he's been a friend and a brother that feeds me great advice when I need it. There's a part in "Jesus the Christ" when Christ is telling the parable of the Good Samaritan and how we need to love our neighbor. It says, "...that if one saw an ass or an ox fall down by the way, he should not hide himself, but should surely help the owner to lift the creature up again. If such was their duty toward a brother's beast, much greater was their obligation when a brother himself was in so extreme a plight." The dude has definitely done that for me, and has helped me become better at doing that for others. 

Much Love,

Elder Christensen

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