Saturday, June 18, 2016

And he is least almost

Nothing really new about my week except I had to give a few blessings of Comfort and actually gave a blessing to a sick Hermana about 20 min ago. I'm travel leader but they haven't told me any more after Buenos Aires. An Hermana flying with us in our group apparently has a brother who will be in the airport at the same time so her Dad called and got all the info and this is what I heard: After we get to Buenos Aires we sit in the airport for about 8 Hours until someone from the mission comes and gets us. They'll take us to a smaller airport where we'll catch a small plane to Comodoro around 6. But that's word of mouth and all I know after that. The food here has treated me well honestly. I think I've put on 6-7 pounds and am up past 240. I'm not fat yet though. I'm still looking about the same size. We are done teaching since we are leaving now. We actually committed all 3 of our investigators Myrium, Carlos, and our main one Ivette to Baptism. It truly is an amazing feeling. For fun, we just mess with each other in a good way and of course play ball. I honestly play better here than I did in High School haha. The MTC is really monotonous but has been a really good experience as well. The last 3 weeks have really all been drama filled, but like is said, its been amazing to watch myself, and the whole District grow. Being Elder Harris' companion has truly changed my life. Not a doubt in my mind anymore that I wasn't supposed to come earlier because God let me be his companion. He's grown me spiritually more in the last 6 weeks then in the last 18 years easily. I didn't realize how much I took the Gospel for granted until I came here. I also know I'm really going to try hard to never complain about things ever in my life. Because Elder Harris literally came from nothing and is the happiest person ever BECAUSE of this restored Gospel. It will forever be the center of my life now. God knew I needed Elder Harris. I hope to one day help someone like he has helped and blessed me. God knows us individually. He knows our needs, our wants, our weaknesses. This is an amazing experience and I'm glad I chose to be here.

Much Love, 

Elder Christensen

Max C lll #88 #GOPACK

Eating Snickers from the Heaton's

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