Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Week 30

Mommy & All,

I'm emailing today not because we met with Elder Teixeira, but because we had another Super P-Day yesterday and were out on a turf field all day playing.

"If you could kick the person responsible for most of your troubles, you wouldn´t be able to sit down for six months." -Unknown

This week hasn't been the best of my mission but that's okay! I've learned a ton about myself and the things I need to get a lot better at to be able to help these people. Monday night we had another Family Home Evening with Javier and Hermana Velasquez. We talked about talents and how everyone has them even though some people think they don't have any. We also talked about how we all really need to develop the talents that God has already given us and through doing that, we can honor Him and he will give us more. We were over there with Elder Harris and Carasco again and it was great. 

Thursday night everyone was at the office practicing for the Choir they are having Thursday for Elder Teixeira so they gave me a birthday cake and Elder Harris gave me some shirts he bought for you. haha it was cool

On Friday night, Elder Harris had to sing at a dinner thing at our church. We didn't get to stay and watch him but I hung out with him before and I had no clue about the talents he had. Probably because he couldn't have a guitar in the MTC haha. This Brotha is a MONSTER with the guitar in hand. He has tons of his own songs and of course he can sing and its just legit haha. Also, this man has SO MUCH love for everyone everywhere. Especially for me even when I know I don't deserve it. One of the most Christ Like people I know and even though I'm not his comp anymore, I'm still learning so much from him and the Spirit and Faith that he has. I know God put him in my path so I could have a chance to learn and grow.

We didn't get to see Alejandra this week at all because every time we go to her house she is out looking for food for her kids, and her Mom Ramona has been pretty sick. So please keep the Amaya Family in your prayers!

Not a ton to write about this week except that I've learned a lot and will keep trying to improve so i can have the chance to bless and change someones life through the work that I and my Brotha´s around the world are doing. God Speed to all of them.

Much Love,

Elder Christensen

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