Tuesday, December 6, 2016

week 31

Mommy & All,

"Some dream of big things, others wake up and do them." -Unknown

Thursday, Elder Teixeira of the Seventy (the area president) and his wife came to Comodoro to visit with us and have a conference. It wasn't a super spiritual experience but we got railed a little haha. He really just talked about our mission and how we need to change a TON of stuff and just be a lot better. He was a mission president in Brazil and he compared his mission to ours and it was ugly. He asked us about our concerns in the mission and Elder Carasco (Elder Harris Comp) brought up the siesta, the time of day when no one will talk to us. He then compared us to missions around the world and how there are problems like that in every mission so don't worry about. Then his wife got up and just WENT OFF about a bunch of other stuff we needed to change. 

The analogy I used after was that it felt like a postgame talk from a coach after our Quarterback throws 5 picks, 3 pick sixs, we fumbled twice, and lost 45-13 because our kicker missed an extra point haha. So then after Coach chews you out he says, "But hey, we are gonna wipe that one off and re-group on Monday. Oh, but don't bring your pads to practice, bring your running shoes." We just have a lot of things we are going to apply and change in the mission now. And honestly overall, I feel it will be good for us. 

We had transfers again on Friday. Apparently Aquino and I did something good, because President is taking him from Jr Comp to Sr Comp and District Leader. So he is going about 15 min down the road to be Elder Harris Comp haha!! So surprise surprise I got a new companion. All I know about him, because he doesn't like to talk very much is that his name is Elder Romney (his Dads 2nd cousin is Mitt Romney) and he is from New Mexico and has been in the mission one transfer less than I have and he did a year of college before the mission and likes Country music. So if you wanna count the MTC, this will be my 6th comp in 6 transfers in the mission thus far. 6 companions in 7 months. And my first one since the MTC that knows English. I'm sure gonna miss Elder Aquino. But change can be good.

Much Love,

Elder Christensen

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