Thursday, January 19, 2017

week 37

Mommy & All,

"The past is behind; learn from it. The future is ahead; prepare for it. The present is here; live in it!" -Thomas S. Monson

Well, I honestly don't have very much to say this week. Nothing really exciting happened except transfers got announced Thursday. I'm headed to Caleta Olivia which is about 2 hrs south of here. I'll be apart of that zone, but it sounds like I'm going to be in a little town called Las Heras which is in the middle of nowhere haha. I heard its about an hour and a half south of Caleta Olivia, and my District Leader is going to be in another little town about an hour and a half south of me so we will be a little spread out haha. Also Elder Harris is staying here with Elder Aquino.

My new comp is going to be Elder Soto from Lima Peru. He just finished his 4th transfer in the office as Assistant to President. So he will do one transfer outside the office with me then he is done. He is way chill and we have been good friends since I got to the mission. So he is officially my 7th comp in 8 months and when he leaves I'll have my 8th comp in 9 months. So the trend will continue with me having a new comp each transfer hahaha.

The only thing that really happened this week was we found a new investigator named Rolando. We put a baptismal date with him for February 11th so I hope they can get that done with him. He hasn't come to church yet and we almost had him the last 2 weeks. Something has always come up for him last Saturday night or early Sunday morning so he couldn't come. He is a really cool guy and truly wants to change his life for the better and we talked about baptism a ton and he seemed really excited. 

All in all it will be weird not to be here in Comodoro, but it´ll be good to get a change of scenery. I'm also really excited to be Elder Soto's comp for this next transfer because I know I'll learn a ton from him. He told me when I got to the mission that we were gonna be comps before he left and now its gonna happen.

Much Love,

Elder Christensen

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