Sunday, March 26, 2017

Week 46

Mommy & All,

"Imagination is more important than knowledge." - Albert Einstein

This week was pretty interesting. First off we didn't get to see Adrian at all because of his work and stuff so I don't have any updates on him. Thursday and Friday we were in Perito which means another adventure in "Mini Camping Raul" haha. We actually headed over there to try and teach one of his friends named Javier. Javier is from Comodoro and had been living in Perito for 4 months looking for work. He hadn't seen his family at all and all he brought with him was a bag of clothes. It was kinda sad to see. He told us how he'd missed one of his kids birthdays because he didn't have any money to head back and hitch hiking would've take too long. So we taught him the Restoration and Raul was all over the place. First my comp tells Javier that we are representatives of Jesus Christ and that we do exactly what he did when he was here on earth and that we are here to help him. So then Raul looks at him and says "so do you guys match up men and women like He did also?" We were like what the crap. Then he starts telling us that when Jesus was here he also did a lot of match making. He would only put a pretty girl with a handsome guy, and then they'd make good looking kids and a good race would continue. Then he starts going off about how today all that's going on is pretty girls marrying super ugly guys and that today its all about the money. He told us that if we are really representatives of Jesus Christ we need to get back into the match making business. Then as we continued to teach about Joseph Smith, Raul asked us if Joseph was married or not. We said he got married and had quite a few kids. Raul looked at us and said "oh that's pretty cool because I thought he was gay." Javier just put his hand over his face like who is this guy haha. Raul keeps it really REALLY interesting. Anyways Javier accepted a Book of Mormon and told us he would read it. He told us he had one in his house in Comodoro since he'd been in contact with the missionaries over there as well so that was good. 

I also met another really interesting dude that day in "Mini Camping Raul" named Ross Reid Vitale. He is from Alaska (I don't remember what part) and was down here on a bike exploring the Patagonia. His bake was pretty beat up, so I sat down and talked to him in English for a few min since he didn't speak any Spanish haha. He told me HE BIKED DOWN HERE FROM ALASKA!! I asked him how long that took and he told me 2 YEARS!! Then I asked how he survived because he said he doesn't use money. He told me he is a dumpster diver. When he is hungry, he looks through the garbage for food, cooks it up and eats it. Or he steals the food from the wild dogs that they find in the street and eats that. I didn't believe him till he showed me an onion garbage mix he ate the other day nice and cooked up haha this dude is INSANE. All he carries with him is a few boxes strapped to his bike, a bag of clothes, and his camera. I didn't even think about taking a pic with him. He did take a few with us and said if we wanted to see them just to look up his name. He already knew we were Mormon missionaries because he told me he'd already met some IN USHUAIA! This guy went from ALASKA TO THE END OF THE WORLD ON A BIKE. Perito Moreno is always a good time for us haha.

My Guy Elder Harris headed home this week and it was hard to see him go. Shout Out to him back in New Bern North Carolina (home of the Pepsi) if he's reading this. He said he'd prayed and fasted and just got a really strong feeling he needed to go home and help his parents, especially his Dad who is still not going well at all. A lot of people tried to convince him to stay. I was the last one to talk to him over the phone before he left and I was going to try and do the same, but before I said anything he just told me how horrible everyone made him feel. Like everyone wanted him to feel like he was stabbing Jesus in the back. So then the impression came to mind just to thank him because I owe him everything. Told him he will always be my big bro and whatever happens I'm there for him and that his decision was okay. That he'd always be another son to my parents and that my mom will love him forever because he saved her little boy. I was honestly lost in life. I was spiritually lost before I met Elder Harris. Before I felt his spirit, heard his testimony, heard his life story, saw his desire, and felt the love he has for every individual person and the bond that we have. He pulled me outta the dark. And that's something I can never repay him for. Thank You Dustin if you're reading this.

ALSO: Big Shout out to the Christensen Fam. I heard Great Grandma is really struggling with her health. Just want you guys to know that you are in my prayers every night and that whatever happens, we know it is for the best and is a part of Gods plan for her and us.

Much Love,

Elder Christensen

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