Monday, April 3, 2017

Week 48

Some investigators the sisters are teaching.  They wanted to meet Max.

Mommy & All

"After lifes fitful fever, he sleeps well." -William Shakespeare

First off, Shout out to Uncle Dave in the Mormom Tabernacle Choir I saw you on TV yesterday dont worry haha did a great job as always.

This week was pretty good. We went to Perito Wednesday and Thursday and we got to see Raul again. Next time we go again I will take a pic with him so then you guys know he isn't fake haha. He is a super popular guy out there. He has people in and out of his house just randomly all day and he always tells them to listen to us when we are over. Although he usually doesn't do all that much listening. We tried to teach the plan of Salvation and we asked if he ever had the question where he would go when he died. He told us no because he already knew. He told us that he would go to another world. But not like the spirit world, but another planet like Mars or Jupiter. I about died trying to choke down a laugh. We also tried to put baptismal dates with AnaMaria and her daughters out there but they kind of rejected it. They still have a little bit of fear and it really doesn't help that the only place we have to baptize out there is in a lake of glacier water and its now turning into the coldest part of the year so no one has a lot of excitement to do that right now. But we seem to still have success in Perito finding new people and just all the potential that is out there.

We got to see Gabriel for just a few minutes this week and that was good. We bought all the books he wanted to read and loved that. We were able to meet 2 of his 3 kids who he wants us to share things with and they are really cool. He seems to have a lot more energy about the gospel and studying the scriptures and trying to change his life again. It will be really interesting to see what happens when we share a message with his kids. 

We also got to see Cyntia this week. The last time we went over to her house, we talked about baptism and she rejected us right off the bat. She is dead set on dying as a Catholic and is never ever EVER going to change her religion is what she tells us haha. She tells us all the time she does not want to get re-baptized, but she always tells us to come back because she loves talking about the gospel and having conversations like that. She did also read a part of the Book of Mormon we left for her. So we went over on Friday and didn't talk much about baptism, but shared Ether 12:3-4 about having Faith and how that can bring us hope for a better world. She really really liked that and we shared how we can find that through the Book of Mormon since it contains the fullness of the eternal gospel. As always, we invited her to pray about the Book of Mormon and see if what that says is really true. She tells us all the time how much faith she has and how that has helped her all her life to believe in God. We told her that is awesome, and now we want her to put that faith into action and offer up a sincere prayer. It was pretty cool to share that with her and see as the spirit was kind of able to touch her.

Lastly, we finally got to see Adrian again. I thought he was avoiding us, but he honestly just had a ton of things going on at work and was really happy to see us on Friday. We talked a lot about the Plan of Salvation and how we can have eternal families. Its amazing having my own eternal family and being able to have the testimony of that in my own personal life, especially with all of us being adopted with no blood relation in my family, yet the power of God still can bind us together forever. There are lots of people who really like that and are really able to see a demonstration of Gods power and how it really can happen if it happened in my family. I was pretty sure we were going to put a wedding date with them, but he is still thinking about it. Before we ever started talking to him or even met him, he told us that him and his girlfriend almost separated because of how they always fought and didn't really get along. But in the end, he told us he cant live without seeing his 2 yr old son Leon, so they stayed together. I was able to testify also that we always are going to have fights inside our family, but when we are married and also have the gospel in our lives, its a lot easier to forgive and mend bridges and how they can enjoy so much more peace and pure joy in this life and the life to come. Its been a little hard how when we teach him he feels really good, but then after we leave, him and his girlfriend have another bad fight and then his excitement about marriage goes way down and then we have to start over again. So we are really praying that they can work out because they have so much potential as an eternal family and are great people.

Much Love,

Elder Christensen

A few notes from mom.  Max lost his camera.  He is pretty upset about it.  The last time he saw it was in the apartment, so there is still a glimmer of hope.  He has sent most pictures home, but there were some videos that couldn't be sent.  I am sure he would appreciate some prayers that it can be found.  His area got rain, but not flooding.  Right now it is work as usual.  They are not planning to have the missionaries outside of Comodoro help with clean up.  Transfers are next week, and he believes he will stay put with his companion.  (His first transfer with the same companion if it turns out that way).  He is in Pico Truncado until tomorrow.  They went there so they could watch conference and are staying until tomorrow for district meeting.  He says it is just slightly uglier than Wyoming and there is not much to do there, but that it will be fun to visit with the other missionaries, which they don't get to do often in Las Heras.  

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