Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Week 51

Mommy & All,

"From a Mountain of Despair, comes a Stone of Hope." -Martin Luther King Jr.

This past week was pretty good. I was in Comodoro all day yesterday talking to Presidente Salerno. He told me he wants Vega and I to go to Perito and open it as its own area, to work and live there full time. We need to find a place to live first so it may not happen for a couple of weeks, but he wants it to happen. That will make us the first missionaries to ever live in Perito full time which is kinda cool. He is going to put 2 more Elders in Las Heras to take our spot. 

Here in Las Heras, we've barely started teaching a lady named Martina. Her husband Ricardo was baptized up in Trelew when he was a kid, but hasn't gone to church for a long time. When I was with Soto, we taught Martina 3-4 times and she had a "baptismal date" the only problem was that her and Ricardo weren't married and they were living together. We always talked about baptism with her and she always listened to us and Ricardo supported it 100%. Well in March they headed way up north to Formosa where Martina is from, and they got married! They just got back a few weeks ago. We passed by their house just to talk to them for a few min. We talked about baptism and the Plan of Salvation with them and how they can live together forever as an Eternal Family through baptism. Martina smiled and even remembered that she had a baptismal date before. Now all we need is to get them to church.

We got to go to Perito this weekend. On Saturday, we go to talk to a guy named Renson who we'd contacted before. When we knocked on his door, a little girl ran to the front window, peeked through the curtain, ran away, came back and looked again, then ran away again. After about 5 min, Renson finally came out and opened the door. He had a smile on his face and was laughing. He ends up telling us that when his little daughter looked through the window and saw us the first time, she ran to Renson and told him people were there. He told her to open the door and let us in. She looked at him and said "No Dad! There is a big Chocolate Man outside!!" When he told us she said that, Vega and I died laughing. I've honestly heard it all here, but I haven't heard something like that since high school. Always we ended up teaching him the Restoration and giving him the Book of Mormon. He told us he'd read it and we invited him to pray as well. 

We also got to see AnaMaria on Saturday. We'd been praying all week and fasting to know why she wouldn't accept a baptismal date and how we could help her, because there wasn't much more we could do. So when we got to her house, she let us in and we immediately started talking about baptism. And she immediately said no again. But we realized that she really did have fear of getting into the lake on top of it being glacier water in the middle of winter. So we came prepared for that answer. We told her that we were planning on bringing in a portable font or backyard swimming pool to do the baptism, and that we weren't going to do it in the lake. She looked at us for a sec thinking. Before she could say anything, I also said how we still had her date for April 29th wide open. Then she looked at us and said yes to that! So this week we are doing everything to get her baptism ready for this Saturday. We are going to have to travel to Comodoro again and Caleta this week before we travel to Perito, so it's going got be a really busy week but we are doing our best just to fly around and be ready for this weekend. 

Much Love,

Elder Christensen

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