Saturday, July 1, 2017

Week 60

Mommy & All,

"Its about gaining that competitive edge! You cant afford to make excuses. No excuses when you feel pain and trust me, You Will Feel It!" -Unknown

This week was pretty good. With all the snow we didn't travel to Las Heras till Tuesday and then we got back here Thursday afternoon. 

We were able to sit down and talk with Gisel Friday morning and that was really good. She literally knows everything that we teach an investigator before baptism, and we more doctrine as well because of her brother. She is super really for baptism, she just has that little marriage problem with her boyfriend Julian. He doesn't really have any desire to get married. She sat down and told us that she is 100% sure that everything we've taught is true, and how happy she is to know that. She isn't even baptized yet, and says that she has already seen a difference in things in her house. She used to have tons of problems with Julian and used to fight with her 10 yr old daughter Briza a ton. She says that its mostly gone away ant that there's been a different spirit in her house. So she really wants to get baptized to be able to have that guide of the Holy Ghost. She wants to get married to Julian to make it all work, but told us that in the very end if he wont even consider it that they'd split up. She told us she doesn't rely on him for anything and can definitely do things by herself with her little girls since she raised Briza while she was alone because her first boyfriend left her while she was pregnant. And she said she will remind Julian of that because she really wants baptism. At the end of the lesson, she ended up asking us how she can share our message with other people! That she has a few people in mind she wants us to teach because of how its helped her so much . So that was really cool. 

Friday night we gotta go see Marcelo, Maria, and Augustin. Maria made us the best empanadas I've ever eaten and we showed them a Restoration video and they loved it. We invited them to pray as a family if all this is true. Marcelo's brother Andres has been working a ton with them as well so they always have awesome questions. They are another family that's super ready, we just have to get them married and get them coming to church consistently. 

Saturday we got to go see Fabiano. He is a guy we've only taught once before, but already knows a ton about the church since he'd talked to Elders when he was in Salta. So we sat down and just answered questions that he had about the things he read since we last came. Then we talked about nothing but baptism with him. He sees that its really important, and wants he promised blessings that come from it. We were going to put a baptismal date with him for the end of July because he still needs to come to church, but just our luck he leaves the first week of July to go do border patrol between Argentina and Chile, and is going to be up there till August 6th. But he said he wants to keep preparing while he is up there, and that he is going to take the Book of Mormon with him. He even said he will give us the phone number of the house he's in up there so we can call him and teach him sometimes. 

It started snowing here again Saturday night at about 11. By 10 'o'clock Sunday morning, we had a 12 inches of snow.  So we only had 4 people at church. We didn't have a shovel, so for the people to get into our house I had to take a chair and clean off our walk way haha. It continued to snow all day Sunday, so Vega and I just walked around with a shovel we got from Hermano Naiman and looked for people who needed help. We ended up pushing, pulling and digging out 11 cars out of the snow. Right now we are sitting on a little more than 18 inches city wide and it just started snowing again while I'm typing this email. The locals here say that Perito hasn't seen snow like this since like 1991. So its been a good time.

Much Love,

Elder Christensen

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