Monday, July 4, 2016

week 8

Mom & Mis Amigos,

Happy 4th of July!! It took me till about 9:30 to actually realize what day it was. I hope everyone enjoys the parades and fireworks. We woke up to snow this morning with a -15 degree wind chill, definitely feels like a Cache Valley winter.  haha. Everyone who reads this has to eat at least 4 pieces of candy for me please. 

For me personally, its been a little hard here. Just a little mental and emotional struggle and adjustment. Yet there are 2 things that keep me going. One is all the emails and support from home. You guys are amazing. The other is a simple poem titled, "Upon Leaving Home" given to me before I left by an amazing man, former coach, and great friend Kirk McRae (Alex McRae´s Dad). It goes like this:

"I left my quiet harbor in favor for another, I know not where.

But first, There are seas to cross and storms to brave.

How could I prefer the foreign deep to the encircling arms of my bay?

Because, some things can only be learned at sea.

Yes, my craft is watertight, I can navigate the unknown, And, O, THE WIND THAT BLOWS MY SAILS BLOWS 


There are things in life I could only learn here. This is harder than any practice or math class. Yet I can call it amazing because I´m learning about myself and growing my knowledge in areas I had not before. God, and my Savior Jesus Christ have given me EVERYTHING. They also gave me Argentina. His children here in Rio Grande, I love them. And I want to bring them Home. Brother Balboa (Rocky Balboa) once said : "The world ain´t all sunshine and rainbows, it's a mean and nasty place and I don't  care how strong you are it will beat you to your knees and leave you there if you let ain´t about how hard you can hit, its about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward." 

Our main investigator, Aimara, left a note for us on her door Saturday pretty much saying "Thanks for everything, but I´m done." Out of nowhere! We were both shocked. We had a baptismal date and everything. 

The members are super nice and we eat lunch with one family every day, but the Spanish is getting to me a little. Everyone wants to talk to me and I feel so bad because I can't understand them (especially the little kids 😥) so I dont know how to respond. But I guess I talk in my sleep. The Elders in the MTC and Elder Llactahuaman have both told me I bare my testimony in Spanish when I sleep. Crazy stuff out here. haha. The first time in my life I talk in my sleep is in Spanish. I´m truly learning to put all my faith in God.

Dad, you´ll like this part. I fell in a poop hole yesterday. There are pot holes of sewage all over the city. We tract all the time since not a lot of people let us in and our lessons cancel often. I've tracted for 11 days here now and I step on multiple a day. They are all sealed tight. Except for this one. Walking in the freezing wind coming off the Atlantic, next thing I know I'm up to my knee in poopy water. The lid slipped right out from under me like a movie scene. So Elder Llactahuaman and I walked the 3.5 miles back to our pension so I could change. The smell would have killed anyone we taught. But don´t worry mom, I laughed it off for the most part. haha. Just trying to prep the Patagonia for a temple!!

Much Love, 

Elder Christensen

Max said a few people had asked for a physical address.  This is the information from the mission president on sending letters and padded envelopes.  anything other than a padded envelope has to go through customs and costs time and money on the mission side and reduces the chances of it getting there. 

Letters and Padded Envelopes. If you send letters, cards or padded envelopes to your missionary, it is best to send it to the mission office at the address below.  It normally requires two or three weeks for letters, cards or padded envelopes to arrive in Argentina.  It may take an additional two weeks to be delivered to the missionary´s area of service.  Letters and padded envelopes are not usually required to be screened through customs.  Please use this address to mail letters, envelopes, and all other packages.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Elder Marcos Caseres  
Elder/Hermana: Missionary Name
Argentina Comodoro Rivadavia Mission 
Av. Fray Luis Beltran 75 
Comodoro RivadaviaChubut,
9000 Argentina

 Familia Beloquís: One of the best member families to the missionaries

Zone leader Elder Cardwell from Riverton (Left) Elder Hosteen from Burley (Right)

The poop hole and results from falling in

I believe this is an old picture from the plane ride, but he sent it today

 His church (Thanks to Google maps)

A restaurant near their house that Max thought was great

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