Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Week 12

Mom & My Buds,

2 Quotes for you this week. "Remember that in the end, surely God will be looking only for clean hands, not full ones." -Jeffrey R. Holland

"A man is rich in proportion to the number of things he can afford to let alone." -Henry David Thoreau

I want to very strongly encourage all of you to read Mosiah 4 and 5 this week! Its kind of some heavy Doctrine but it is AMAZING. We must give something and repent DAILY. And We must always remember to praise God for all that we have. That includes challenges and trials. For that is the only way we can grow in this life. I've had the hymn "A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief" stuck in my head all week. My favorite verse goes like this: "I saw him where a fountain burst. Clear from a stream. His strength was gone. The heedless water mocked his thirst. He heard it, saw it hurrying on. I ran and raised the sufferer up. Thrice from the stream he drained my cup. Then dipped, and gave me running ore. I drank, and never thirsted more." 

On a random note, I'm doing well here. I've already broken 2 chairs and a bed. I guess I'm still adjusting to the fact that not everything here was made for my size. I can say that, but I'm not even a big guy! Elder Shaq loves it and thinks its the funniest thing ever haha.

Thursday was cool. We had a family home evening with a new member and her family. She is the only member in her family. We went with the Hermanas in our District. One of her cousins, Nico, hit it off with me really well. He is 23 and plays rugby and soccer of course. He asked me about the United States, work, school, if i had any kids, football, family, if I was here in Argentina looking for a woman, and religion. I was able to teach him both the Restoration and the Plan of Salvation as best I could with him one on one while my companion was talking with other people. I was also able to give him both of the pamphlets and a Book of Mormon. It was a good experience, since he doesn't believe in God or Jesus Christ. Also transfers were Friday so as of today Elder Llactahuaman is no longer my companion and I haven't met my new one yet since he is coming from Comodoro. I know I'm staying in Rio Grande though just not sure where.

Much Love,

Elder Christensen

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