Monday, October 3, 2016

week 21

Mom & All,

First, big BDay S/O to Lil bro Brandon Today! 12 years old. You are getting there big man. Also, S/O to Uncle Dave in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, I saw you yesterday haha!!

"Do not pray for easy lives. Pray to be stronger men! Do not pray for tasks equal to your powers. Pray for power equal to your tasks." -Phillips Brooks

I want to bare testimony of the power of Prayer. I didn't have a super life changing experience this week, but just the tiny things that happen each day for us as we work through prayer. Prayer is, honestly, just talking personally with the Greatest Friend we can have in this life, who is our Heavenly Father. I've been studying in "Jesus The Christ" by Elder James E. Talmage. It is crazy cool, deep Doctrine about the Life of Christ before, during, and after his life on Earth. And of course it talks a lot about prayer. One thing that jumped off the page to me was when Elder Talmage was describing prayer. He put it like this, "Prayer is made up of heart throbs and the righteous yearnings of the soul...of contrition and pure desire." We always need to try and pray with real intent, but that really put it into perspective for me. Prayer shouldn't be just a habitual thing, but something we truly love doing to where our heart throbs and our soul yearns every time. Especially when we are praying just to say THANK YOU. We can all pray and yearn in faith during the hard times when we need something, but it is during the good times when we show God our true faith and love when we pray that same way just to say THANK YOU.

Thursday was pretty cool. We got to go to Rada Tilly and do a Tsunami (where a bunch of missionaries contact in one area) and it was way cool. It is about 30-45 min from Comodoro and sits right on the coast. The people there are SOOO RICH holy cow. I think in total we all counted only 2 houses that had 2 stories, the rest were taller and all of them were huge, like 4 houses every block haha. Some Elders took a pic of one house that was built and designed to look like a literal Castle from the outside. It wasn't a play place or anything, literally just another house on the block. For a lot of us it was really weird to think we were right next to the ocean and not in California.

Friday afternoon we had another Tsunami in Centro, just handing out cards inviting people to come watch Conference. I got paired with Elder Rosas from California. When we were handing out cards, we gave one to a man and he asked where we were from (found out he was a member of 40 yrs haha). We both said Los Estados Unidos. Then he says to us, "Well look at that. Un blanco y Un Negro. Black and White!!" Then he asked if I played basketball and I said yes and Football too. Then he turns to Elder Rosas and says, "Looks like there´s 2 Negros put into one." We all died laughing about the whole thing and he told us he´d see us the next day for conference. Good ole Argentina for ya. We aren't in the states anymore that's for sure. haha😂 Oh and Thursday night my Zone Leaders got held at gun point and robbed for all they had including $20,000 pesos. Vive Comodoro!

Much Love,

Elder Christensen

Max also answered a few questions for me

Do you have any investigators yet?  Yes, we have one her name is Flavia and we´ve taught her the First lesson on Restoration.

How is the work in your area?  It is okay.  Like I said there are 300 less actives and such so now we need more investigators.

Is the ward still warming up to you and your companion?  No, I think they like us.  They are great with us.

Do they take good care of you? To you get invited to eat often?  Yes, They take great care of us and we eat lunch with members every day.

What is your favorite food?  My favorite food is milanesa, no doubt.

How are you getting along with your companion?  Yes, Elder Fereirra and I are homies.

What is your area like?  It looks like?  Is it a poorer area than your area in Rio Grande?  It is actually richer than Rio Grande and probably from what it sounds like the Richest part in Comodoro.

How big is it?  Do you still walk every where?  Our area is a lot smaller than Grande of course and yes we walk everywhere unless its to Centro then we take the bus as normal.

How may missionaries in your district/Zone/  do you see them every week?  6 in my district 16 in the zone and yes we see them a lot.

Is it easier to get into houses in this area?  It's not really any easier to get into houses.

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