Monday, October 17, 2016

Week 23

Mom & All,

"Be not afraid of growing slowly, be only afraid of standing still." -Chinese Proverb 

This week actually went by pretty fast, but honestly it is the work that is a little slow. We can't find Flavia, our one progressing investigator, to teach and her friend Javier who was baptized just 4 months ago and introduced her to us, wont answer his phone when we call and has stopped coming to church. Before I got here he was super inactive. I arrived and we sat down and talked with him about coming to church, and he started coming again! He even came to conference with us which was really cool. But as I said he didn't come last week. So I've been kinda sad about those 2. We did a TON of contacting and had a Tsunami (when missionaries from surrounding areas come tract for the day in their area and help find people to teach) in our area and everything. We found 2 new investigators and are going to visit them this week.

Our zone had 5 baptisms Saturday and that was really cool. So our Zone has 6 baptisms this transfer and we still have one week left and are looking at 2 more this coming Saturday. Because we have had so much success and worked so hard this transfer we get to have a Super pday this week.  Super P-Day is where our Zone gets a day to do whatever (within mission rules) and go wherever (within mission boundaries which is like half of Argentina haha) so it sounds like we may go to Rada Tilly again, have an Asado (Argentine Barbecue) and play a little Futbol. So Something like that will happen Wednesday but he told us just to write today. 

Yesterday was Mothers Day here in Argentina, and ironically the Bishop wanted me to give a talk. So I pretty much just had to re-write my Farewell talk in Castellano and change a few things and it went well haha. I guess people really like me talking on "Dia de la Madre." I want to again thank my Mommy for all she`s done and continues to do for me. I also wanna thank all the Moms back home I was able to know, for all you guys did and gave me as well. Thank you for your friendship, for raising your kids as amazing friends and examples for me, and for treating me like one of your own every time I was in your home. It is amazing the people I was able to grow up and mature with and around. 

Much Love,

Elder Christensen

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