Sunday, June 11, 2017

week 57

Mommy & All,

"Dig deep down, deep deep down and ask yourselves Who Do You Want To Be, figuring out for yourselves what makes you Happy." -Unknown

This week was pretty good. On Tuesday we got a fridge, washing machine, and the chairs to have church meetings brought to the house so that was good. On Wednesday we got to see R. again. We got to his house and started talking to him for a bit and then he looks at me and tells me he is going to share a secret with me. He continues to tell me that there is a reserve of pure fresh water under his camping ground. And its the only unused pure water source in the World, and that he is the only living person in Argentina to know about it. He goes on to explain that before the World ends, all the water on the planet is going to become contaminated and undrinkable, and that he is sitting on the planets last hope for drinkable water. He told us that NASA came and visited  him and talked with him about it and that other people have offered him tons of money and all sorts of things for his land because they know something is underneath but they don't know what according to him. So he tells me that he is telling me this because he says he thinks I'm best buddies with Barack Obama because I'm black and from the U.S. (that's what he told me). So with him as a friend I have to have friends in high places. Then he looks at me with wide eyes and says, "I want you to talk with your United States friends because I know you have a lot of influence up there. But don't freak out and just be really calm and cool about it. I want you to tell them about the pure water reserve and have them come down here and I will sell it to them. Then after I sell it, you'll get a chunk of the money, and we will release this secret to the public and you will be one of the most famous people in your country. WE WILL BE BUSINESS PARTNERS!!" He continues on saying he doesn't wanna sell it to Argentina but to the United States because he thinks we will give him a lot more money. He says the reserve is like liquid gold, and says it actually talks about his place in the Bible hahaha he said and I quote, "It actually talks about my place here in the Bible. I don't know which Bible...but its in one of them!" I can just picture someone reading in the Bible where it talks about the end of the World and reading the words "Mini Camping R." as a part of that. Vega and I had a good time with that one after haha. Guys I promise, even if I wanted to make these stories up about the things he tells to us to make my mission sounds more interesting I honestly couldn't do this good. For those of you who know me, you  know my creativity level is not this high so I have to be telling the truth hahaha. Anyways after that he changes the subject and asks how old I am. I tell him I'm 19 and he tells me I look old enough to be 40 so that made me feel good haha. He tells me I'm big for being 19 and that I'm young enough and big enough to fight a bear. Super random. he tells me he knows a guy who owns a bear, and he is going to call him up and tell him to come to his mini camping so I can fight his bear. He wants me to go 3 rounds with this bear at his mini camping and then we will both be super rich because he says tons of people will come and watch. The stories honestly get better and better every time with this guy. 

Sunday we had the first church meeting here in our house. We had a total of 9 people counting us and Luisa with her 2 little daughters. So only 4 members showed up. Natalia and Nahuel were in Gallegos doing medical stuff, but everyone else just decided to sleep in so that wasn't awesome. We were missing like 10 people but we had the meeting anyway of course and it wasn't too bad. Yesterday we also gotta teach Gisel and Yanel. We talked about the "banquet of blessings" that are waiting for us if we choose to show our faith and act and we showed them the Elder Uchtdorf video that talks about how we shouldn't have to wait to find our our blessings until its too late, but that we should look now. And of course we talked about baptism. Gisel is ready and told us that when her boyfriend comes back from Cordoba that she is really gonna try and convince him to get married so she can get baptized. So that was awesome to hear. 

Much Love,

Elder Christensen

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