Monday, June 12, 2017

Week 58

Mommy & All,

"I wondered what would break first. Your Spirit...or your Body." -Bane

This week was pretty good. We left Perito Tuesday night and didn't get back till Saturday morning because we were traveling. 

Tuesday morning went well. So for some reason we get all these flies in our house that are 3 times the size of a normal fly. They don't bite or anything but for some reason here they are way bigger so the buzzing sound is a lot louder. So that morning I was killing flies and it was going good. About 2 min before we left that morning to go work, I was standing by the door waiting for my comp. And I saw a huge fly sitting right on our front window. So I sized it up and came after it. Now this has never happened before in my life. I've smashed tons of flies against windows before and its gone good. So I go to hit the fly and the next thing I know my first is through the window and there is glass everywhere haha. I was more shocked than anything and it scared the crap outta my comp who was in the other room. So I walked outside just to see if it was that noticeable (it was) and to clean up the glass. the good new is that big fly was lying there dead in the middle of the wreckage so i got him. Bad new is I had to spend all day Tuesday dealing with a window replacement haha. Sure making a lot of memories out here in Perito. Also Monday was cool because Elder Smith our district leader, and I were throwing the Football around and a bunch of little Argentine kids who've never seen a football before came up and were just amazed. So we got to teach them how to throw and play football for the first time and they loved it. 

We were in Las Heras Tuesday and Wednesday and we headed to Comodoro on ThursdayFriday we had conference with President so we had all of Thursday free in Comodoro. So I got to go back and see La Prensa for the first time in 6 months and it was really cool. They cleaned up most of the water and mud from the storm but there is still a bit. I gotta visit the Familia Alvarenga where I lived the whole time I was there, and the Familia Cercuetti who treated me great when I was there so it was awesome to see them again. Friday I also got to see a lot of the bros from Comodoro who I haven't seen in about 6 months as well and it was good to catch up with them. 

Saturday morning we came back to Perito. We gotta visit with Luisa which was good. We just talked about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and of course baptism. In the end, she ended up telling us that she knew all of the things we said were true or she never would have opened the door to us after the first time 6 months ago. So we asked her what was keeping her from getting baptized and she honestly just said its because its cold and she doesn't even wanna be in the water for 10 seconds outside in the Perito winter. So we are again seeing what we can do about that little problem haha. We were also able to visit with Marcelo and Maria. They are the parents of one of our investigators named Augustin and I never really had the chance to talk with them. We hadn't even seen Augustin in about a month and a half. Marcelo is the brother of Gisel and Yanel, 2 of our other investigators and Maria is his "wife". They have 3 kids together the oldest being Augustin at 15 and the youngest is less than a year old. The brother of Marcelo, Gisel, and Yanel is the Branch President in Pico Truncado as I've said before so that's how they know the church. The one time I talked with Marcelo, he didn't want anything to do with marriage or baptism. Saturday night, we were walking in the street in the opposite direction of their house, when the random thought came to mind that we should go visit Augustin. Remember we hadn't been to his house in almost 2 months. Augustin had just barely left when we got there, but Marcelo and Maria gladly welcomed us in and said they'd been waiting for a visit from us for a long time which shocked me haha. We ended up talking for 2 hrs, with them asking asking us how they can get married, go to Pico Truncado to get baptized, and then later get sealed in the temple! Marcelo even told us he has a desire to get married so that was awesome. So hopefully we can start the process of working with them towards that goal now as well as with Gisel.

Much Love,

Elder Christensen

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