Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Week 3

Hola from the CCM (MTC in spanish lol),

This week was probably the best, most challenging week yet! The spanish is increasing but the spirit is as well! We are teaching 3 new investigators in Carlos, Myrium, and Ivette. Carlos and Myrium are actually our TEACHERS so its pretty weird trying to teach them too haha. All of them have totally different personalities and stories, yet we're trying to get them all to the same goal: COME UNTO CHRIST.

Elder Dale G. Renlund ( one of the 3 new apostles ) came and talked to us this Tuesday. I've never been in the same room with someone that high up in the church. What an AMAZING spiritual experience. We sat as a District after and talked about it. Being District leader, I talked last and yeah I cried haha thats how touched I was.😂😂 He talked on developing faith. He said there's 2 phases. Phase 1: the Kindle stage- encourage, stimulate, spark, ignite. Phase 2: Obedience. He said " the ONLY way to GROW your faith is to ACT in faith." That was really simple yet really powerful for me. The only way to get ready for "Game Time" (teaching with faith and through the spirit) is by practicing it during the times you aren't playing. "The door of history turns on small Hinges." - Thomas S. Monson. Then he broke out arguably the best quote I've ever heard and we've all heard it, " May we choose the HARDER right, than the EASIER wrong." -Thomas S. Monson. What a great speaker!

On Sunday we had the chance to watch the "Characters of Christ" talk by Elder Bednar. He gave it Christmas Day at the MTC in 2011. Easily the best talk I've heard ever. I PLEAD with all of you guys to just take some time out of your day and watch it. It can change you're whole life. We also talked about Enduring to the End. And I taught in Priesthood for the first time on Obedience. Enduring to the end and Obedience is real my friends. Great blessings come from that!! Ben Franklin said, " Work like you'll live FOREVER, Pray like you'll die TOMORROW." 

We got the new District in on Wednesday and we get another one in tomorrow. They are pretty chill. One detail about them is that Elder Stephens and Hermana Jeppson dated up until a week before the mission. They broke up because of it but were gonna write each other and get back together when they got back home. They had no clue they'd be in the same District!😂 They didn't know till they walked into class and saw each other the on the first day. It's pretty funny to watch them. Elder Iongi ( the Tongan guy in all my pics ) and his District left this morning. Elder Iongi who's from Portland Oregon, has to live with his Aunt in Salt Lake for at least 2 months because he got a bad ear infection in both ears. Sad part is he has to wait till he heads to Costa Rica. Really good part is he gets to watch the NBA Finals haha.😂😂 Someone better write me and tell me who wins.

Thanks for all your prayers and the love and support from home!! I pray for you guys everyday.

Much Love,

Elder Christensen
Max C. lll #88 #GOPACK



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